5 Ways to Find Datasets for Data Science Projects

    The most practical and appropriate way to communicate with data science and practice it to enhance the skills is by playing around with different data and experimenting with how they behave with different algorithms and techniques. Often you must have seen data science projects that require large datasets to extract information and understand how the algorithm will work. You can learn more about data science projects at ProjectPro. Even machine learning models also leverage datasets that are either real or dummy. This article will give you a comprehensive idea of the top five ways & platforms from which you can extract datasets for your data science projects.

    5 Ways to Find Datasets for Data Science Projects 

    Most data science programming languages like Python and R read datasets in two different formats: 

    • XLSX: It is a widely known extension for the most popular spreadsheet application, MS. Excel.
    • CSV: These are comma-separated values where the delimiter comma separates each data from the dataset. 

    Of course, many other file formats hold data for your data science projects, but these are the most prominent ones. Let us now explore some of the easiest ways from which we can find datasets for data science projects.
    1). Github: Since Github is the developers’ best friend, there are lacs of large and small datasets you can explore according to the genre of your project. Most of these datasets will be open for utilization & could be in CSV and XLSX format. You can search in Google: “datasets Github” or go to Github’s website > create your account > search: “datasets.” You can see lacs of datasets. Now, based on your data science project’s requirements, you have to determine which one you want to choose. You can also use this platform to share your data science projects or datasets and collaborate with other experts in your domain.

    2). World Bank Open Data: If you want datasets, statistical facts, & records for your data science projects, the World Bank Open Data massive data bank is the best. Here you will find the wealthiest and the largest data packs on different verticals and business domains. Some of them are:



    Weather details

    Income level


    Healthcare and many more.

    The fascinating fact about this platform and website is all its data resources are free and legitimate. You can Google it by its name or visit the website Now, within the website, there is a search bar where you can search your relevant dataset, and it will provide you with relevant search results from different countries and organizations.

    3). Google Dataset Search: It is a Google initiative launched in 2018. The goal was to enable data science professionals to access, download, and utilize free public datasets. It holds a wide array of topics and verticals. Also, professionals can download its datasets in ‘.pdf’, ‘.jpg’, ‘.zip’, ‘.csv’, ‘.txt’, and various other formats. To leverage this platform, you can search: “Google Dataset Search” or visit the link: If you search for a single dataset keyword like Covid, you will find thousands and lacs of the dataset that you can download in ZIP, CSV, and various other formats.

    4). Kaggle: If you are a data science professional, you must have opened Kaggle at least once. It is a community-driven platform where professionals, data science experts, and researchers spontaneously release data and datasets. That is how this community of professionals harnesses the strength of working together and solving different real-life problems. It has a massive collection of datasets and other data science-related guidance, support, and collaboration. Kaggle also conducts frequent competitions and data science project challenges from where professionals and beginners can learn and gain more insights on how to utilize its datasets.

    5). Datahub: Datahub is a platform created by Datopian wherein professionals can look for the most diverse group of publicly available datasets. Each of its datasets remains organized topic-wise and domain-wise. Apart from that, Datahub caters to documentation, premium services, command-line tools for various OSs, and blogs to enhance data science project-development skills. This SAAS data publishing platform also features high-quality datasets, articles, and a Discord group for chatting with skilled professionals. You can simply Google Datahub and go to its “Collections” page or directly land yourself on

    There are various other ways to find datasets from platforms like, data. world, Amazon Web Services Open Data Registry, Google Cloud Public Dataset, etc.

    We hope this article has given you a crisp idea of the five different platforms & ways through which you can look for your desired dataset. Data science experts also prefer to generate dummy datasets if some kind of data is not available in these data banks. Synthetic data generation is a new skill that data science professionals & data scientists look forward to learning and mastering.

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