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A Google One subscription now offers access to Google Photos’ AI-driven ‘Magic Eraser



Google has revealed that the “Magic Eraser” feature, one of the best photo-editing tools available on Google Pixel phones, will soon be available to other Android and iOS devices. However, access to this feature won’t be free. Google One subscribers, as well as Pixel owners, will soon have access to this popular tool that uses AI technology to remove unwanted content from photos. Additionally, Google One subscribers will be provided with other editing tools like exclusive collage styles, a new HDR video effect, and more.

Initially designed as a way to purchase extra cloud storage for various Google services such as Photos, Docs, and Gmail, the Google One subscription has evolved over time into a more comprehensive range of features. Now, it includes various members-only benefits like a VPN, the ability to host extended group video calls on Google Meet, 10% cash back on purchases made on Google Store, extended trial periods, and access to premium Google Photos features such as Portrait Light. This feature allows users to soften the background of a photo and adjust the light position and brightness on the subject’s face.

Google Photos is introducing a range of new perks, including the highly sought-after Magic Eraser tool. Initially exclusive to Google Pixel 6 and 7 devices, this feature will soon be available to all Google One subscribers using both Android and iOS. Moreover, Pixel 5a and previous Pixel smartphones will also have access to this feature, without needing a Google One subscription. While other third-party apps provide object removal capabilities, the addition of Magic Eraser to the main Photos app on Android devices will be a significant benefit, particularly for those who prefer using the Photos app on their iPhone over Apple’s Photos app.

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