Can you marry A Manglik girl?

    Hindu beliefs hold that astrological compatibility is a key factor in determining whether a boy and a girl are the right match for one another or not. When it comes to matching the aptitude of the prospective bride and groom, the kundali excels. If anybody has mangal dosha in their kundali, a lot of questions about their marriage come up.

    What Is Mangal Dosha? – Know Its Meaning, Types, And Effects.

    Regardless of how advanced we get, when it comes to the lives of our loved ones, we always become conscious and make decisions based on what we believe is best for them. A Manglik person can cause a lot of problems in his or her marital life, as has long been saying. So, exactly what is this Mangal Dosha, and who are the Manglik people? Let’s learn more about it in depth.

    What is Manglik Dosha?

    One of the planets with the greatest potential to significantly affect someone’s life is Mars. It has some fierce energies that have the potential for two outcomes. This energy can be used for a variety of positive things, but it also has the potential to severely harm a person’s life. A person is referred to as a Manglik person if a mangal is found in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of their horoscope. This indicates that they have a Manglik dosha in their kundali.

    Some Facts & Myths About Manglik Dosh & Manglik Person

    • People of Manglik descent are thought to have a fickle temperament.
    • Manglik people typically have powerful, fiery energy, and this energy needs to be channeled in a beneficial way.
    • Tuesday births for Mangliks are thought to negate the effects of this dosha.
    • A Manglik dosha can typically have a lot of bad impacts on a person’s life. However, these effects can be avoided if a Manglik girl marries a Manglik boy.
    • A Manglik person shouldn’t get married to a non-Manglik. Otherwise, this dosh could lead to conflict in a marriage. Regular disagreements between the two of them can result in a loss of mental tranquility and the breakdown of their partnership.

    How to know if a person is Manglik or not? 

    All the information of a person’s life is contained in his or her kundali. For Manglik dosh, the same holds true. An astrologer can analyze a person’s Kundli and can find accordingly if he or she has a Manglik Dosh in her Kundli or not. In earlier times when technology was not that sophisticated, people used to go to pandits or astrologers to hear about such impacts. Today, however, technology has taken control of this globe. There are numerous websites that may help you determine whether a person is Manglik or not in the current era if you want to know how to check Manglik dosh housing in one’s horoscope.

    The effects of Manglik dosha and the suitable remedies

    It is important to determine whether or not a person has mangal dosha in their kundali. This is due to the potential for this dosh to negatively impact a person’s life. Right from family life to professional life, mangal dosh can unimaginably disrupt your life.

    Mars Placement


    First House

    Can have a great impact on a person’s married life.

    Second House

    Can influence one’s personal ad professional life.

    Fourth House

    Can impose a lot of struggle in order to bring a successful career.

    Seventh House

    Can influence one’s nature and temperament. 

    Eighth House

    Can make a person lazy and careless.

    Twelfth House

    Can introduce a lot of enemies and rivals in your life. 


    Every issue has a resolution, and Manglik dosh’s issue is no exception. The negative effects of mangal dosh can be reduced using a variety of treatments, such as

    • Fasting on the first Tuesday of each month,i.e., during Shukla Paksha. You may only consume toor dal throughout this fast.
    • Chant Gayatri mantra 108 times or Hanuman Chalisa one time every day can help you reduce the effects of mangal dosh.
    • A decent alternative is a donation. You can give red lentils, red clothing, or sharp objects like knives, among other things.
    • On Tuesday, pay a visit to the Hanuman temple and present sweets.
    • This ceremony has been performed for a very long time. This states that a Manglik individual marries a peepal, banyan tree, or clay pot in the hope that all the negative effects of the dosha will fall on this fictitious spouse.

    Can a Manglik Person marry a non-Manglik person?

    Traditions and practices surrounding marriage are extremely important in India. The bride and groom are said to be able to attain a happy marriage by matching their Kundlis, comparing their Gunas, and looking into their Doshas. In such conditions, the scariest dosha is Manglik dosha as it is regarded as malevolent and produces a lot of issues in married life. Can a Manglik boy marry a non-Manglik girl? or Can a Manglik girl marry a non-Manglik boy? is the most often asked question of all time.

    Many people think that relationships between Mangliks and non-Mangliks are fraught with difficulties for both partners. What is the underlying cause of this conflict? What occurs if a Manglik marries someone who is not a Manglik? People worry that if a Manglik marries a non-Manglik person, the non-Manglik person may die young or that both parties may experience issues that eventually cause them to separate.

    People have been more interested in such thoughts and recognition over time. As a result, they have developed numerous alternatives for weddings between Mangliks and non-Mangliks. The answer, however, necessitates numerous permutations and combinations. The necessity to examine the boy’s and girl’s horoscopes arises.

    It should be determined whether or not the good placement of other planets in the horoscope can significantly lessen or alleviate the effect of the dosha in a person’s horoscope. Marriages between Mangliks and non-Mangliks are possible if the problem can be resolved.

    Therefore the answer to the question “can a Manglik marry a non-Manglik” will be “Yes” if this is the situation with the match.

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