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Convenient Home Medical Checkups: How to Get a Full Body Health Screen

In today’s world, staying healthy isn’t always easy. But keeping your body in tip-top shape doesn’t need to be difficult either. That’s where home medical checkups come into the picture. These checkups offer an excellent opportunity for people to keep their body in tip-top shape by getting a full body health checkup every year or so. Keeping your body healthy is undoubtedly important, but it can feel like an uphill task when you lack the necessary information and support. However, with these home medical checkups, maintaining your good health becomes much simpler than you might think.

 What are Endurance Medical Checkups?

Endurance medical checkups are home medical checkups that are designed to check your health beyond your doctor’s “office visit.” These checkups are typically conducted by a licensed medical professional and take place at a location other than your doctor’s office — such as a health club or spa. During these checkups, your health professional will conduct an array of tests, count your blood pressure and heart rate, and more to assess your overall health.

 Why do you need regular medical checkups?

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years, it’s that we’re never truly healthy. We may have a clean bill of health today, but tomorrow we could pick up a severe illness that could leave us bedridden for weeks or even months. We’re all susceptible to illness at some point in our lives, and the only way to keep yourself safe is by regularly getting checked out. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all adults get an annual health checkup. This includes both preventive and diagnostic checkups that are tailored to your unique health needs. If you’d prefer, you can make an appointment to see your doctor if you’re not sure when you need one.

 How to Schedule an Endurance Medical Checkup

You don’t need to be a health expert to keep your body in great shape — you just need to schedule regular checkups. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, your lab professional will visit and conduct a full body checkup at your home.

First, make sure to select a time and date that works for your schedule. If you have a busy schedule, you may want to choose a time that doesn’t conflict with one of your busy times. After selecting a time and date, you’ll need to confirm with your doctor’s office. This step ensures that both your lab and your doctor’s office are on the same page about the report time and date. Once you’ve confirmed, it’s time to decide what you’d like to get checked out. A full body check of this sort will involve a blood test at home and does not take more than a few minutes for preparation. Once the test is done, you get a report in your email.

First, ask yourself: What is my health priority? If weight loss is your health priority, you may want to get a body composition scan to see how much body fat you have. If your health priority is cardiovascular health, you may want to get a cardiac screening to see if you have any signs of cardiovascular disease. If you have a health concern that relates to your mental health (such as depression), you may want to get a mental health screening. Next, narrow down your health priorities by selecting your health priorities.

If you’re interested in weight loss, select “weight loss” on the health priority filter. After you’ve selected your health priorities, you can begin narrowing down your health priorities by selecting the health issues you’d like to get checked out. Next, you’ll need to select your health issues. The more specific you are, the better, so try to select one or two health issues per priority.

For example, if your weight loss health priority is to lose weight, you’ll want to select “weight loss” and “weight loss goals.” If your cardiovascular health health priority is to get a screening for cardiovascular disease, you’ll want to select “cardiac screening” and “heart health.” If your mental health health priority is to get a screening for depression, you’ll want to select “mental health” and “depression.”

 Home medical checkup dos and don’ts

– Don’t skip home medical checkups: Skipping regular checkups is a great way to set yourself up for health risks. If you’re not sure when you’ve scheduled yours, contact your doctor’s office immediately.

– Do make sure you schedule an endurance medical checkup if you’ve been feeling under the weather. If you have a specific health concern, such as your heart rate, you may want to schedule a checkup sooner than later.

– Do keep in mind that home medical checkups are not always covered by insurance. This means that you’ll have to foot the bill yourself if your insurance doesn’t cover it.


Your physical health is important, and keeping it in good shape is integral to your well-being. With regular home medical checkups, you can get a full health assessment that will help you identify any health issues as early as possible.

All you need is a home medical checkup and a little patience. Home medical checkups are an excellent opportunity for you to get your health on track and keep your body in tip-top shape.

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