When you hear the word ‘silk’, it conjures images of natural cloud-like luxurious fabric that makes you feel fresh. Possessing timeless, appealing features, silk is adorned by everyone. Being known as the queen of the fibres, along with the gleaming and lustrous texture, silk provides supreme comfort. If you love resting on the bedding made of this plush and comfortable fabric, you must have come across many myths about it. Let us debunk the myths about silk bed sheets for you. Read on.

    Common Myths About Silk 

     Here are the myths debunked about the most coveted fabric, silk:

    1. Silk is Fragile

    Due to the soft and sheer texture, silk is considered a delicate fabric. However, silk requires some extra care, but it is sustainable. Silk is a famous natural fabric and an excellent choice for producing high-quality bedding. The luxury silk bed sheets made of 22 momme pure Mulberry Silk last for decades while pampering you in heavenly comfort. 

    1. Silk Sheets Slip Off Easily 

    This is another myth about silk fabric as now some companies have matt slk which does not silk off that easily. Silk sheets do have less friction, but it smoothly glides over your skin, however with a good design  they stay in bed. Giving a soft and soothing feel to the touch, silk bed sheets keep your skin nourished with their natural hydrating properties. Silk strands are woven together tightly with the advanced use of technology, beautifully giving luxurious comfort to you while you are asleep. 

    1. Silk is Not Suitable for Summers 

    Pure Mulberry silk has a reputation for being precious and unique. Since silk has natural thermoregulating properties, it is a common myth that silk is unsuitable for summers. Silk bedding adapts to your favourable body temperature and can absorb a considerable amount of moisture in summers before making you feel sweaty. 

    Silk promotes better sleep which often gets interrupted due to irritation. If you feel hot or cold at night, luxury silk bed sheets maintain an optimum temperature and allow you to have a peaceful sleep. 

    1. Silk Moulds with Your Body Positions 

    You may think that silk doesn’t hold its shape but let us break it. The long, continuous fibres of the silk bedding spring back, regain their shape and resist wrinkling. Whether you need a revitalising power nap or a good night’s slumber, your silk bedding always feels refreshing. 

    Summing Up 

    Silk brings so much to your life. Irrespective of the myths aired around, silk is the most adorned fabric of all time. You can leverage the actual benefits of silk bedding from premium brands. Outreaching several brands for availing luxury silk bed sheets, silk pillowcases, silk eye masks, and other accessories, Mayfairsilk is winning hearts among all. They use premium quality pure 22 momme mulberry silk is matt for the best output of silk bedding. 

    Mayfairsilk produces silk accessories that are OEKO-TEX certified 100. Moreover, they have been awarded ‘Bedding Brand of the Year 2022’, ‘Prestige Awards 2022’, ‘Beauty Awards 2022’, and more. Hailing from the UK, this brand is now stepping into the Middle East’s and the USA’s premium retail stores. To explore their rich silk collection, visit

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