Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy S series

    Today’s smartphone world is nothing like what started in the 2000s. Everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon and have their hands on the latest trend of smartphones with touchscreen technology. This trend of new and improved smartphones was welcomed and joined by Samsung in the race for perfection in the smartphone industry. This was without a doubt fired up by the best Samsung flagship phone, the Galaxy S series, which was readily welcomed by the masses and quickly became the new sensation in the mobile phone world. 

    The Galaxy S and the Note series drove Samsung to the top of the smartphone market share globally, with new and improved designs accompanied by the latest technology every year. The journey of the Galaxy S series from the first Galaxy S to the Galaxy S22 ultra has a lot to be discussed, with all its pros and cons.

    Memory Lane – the Galaxy-S series

    How did it all begin?

    The Galaxy series has a total of thirteen models with different variants introduced for different price ranges. The journey started with the first Samsung Galaxy S introduced in 2010. It offered one of the biggest screen sizes of 4 inches with a 1GHz processor. The phone quickly became very popular, with a market share of about 20 million phones sold out. It was not the best, but tech lovers welcomed it. 

    Galaxy S2

    The Galaxy S was followed by the Galaxy S2 a year later, in 2011, having one of the thinnest phones with a mere 0.33 inches thickness that beat all its rivals, in addition to its super AMOLED display that was introduced with enhanced performance chipsets for the first time. It was crowned “Smartphone of the Year” in 2012, and we can see why. 

    Galaxy S3 and S4

    In May of 2012 the Galaxy S3 was launched, which didn’t have much new to offer but a slight improvement in speed and performance, but an average-looking design. The 2013 Galaxy S4 was a bit unique and trendy after a year of rule by the s3 series. It was slimmer and speedier, with an improved camera and a larger display ratio than the previous models. It was undoubtedly one of the best choices for people to carry.

    Galaxy S5-S7

    For the first time, Samsung introduced a water-resistant and dust-repellant phone in their Galaxy S5 series in 2014, which was no doubt a milestone achieved in its rivalry with other tech giants. 

    This game was stepped up by the introduction of the S6, S6 Edge, and S7 and S7 Edge series, which were on a new level with a metal body and very high screen resolution, which many laptops at the time didn’t have. It introduced low-light photos with improved sensors and autofocus. However, the s6 and s6 Edge had no water resistance and micro SD slot, which was restored in the s7 and s7 Edge. The Galaxy S8 was not much of an eye-catcher except for the thinner bezels and back fingerprint. The 2018 Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus were all about improved low-light camera setup, high-performance RAMs, and a fingerprint sensor inserted below the back camera, this time instead of to the side. 

    S10- The start of something new

    The new era of phones started with the S10, S10e, and S10 Plus, which introduced a triple camera system, a punch-hole display for the front camera, and an s10e model in a compact design. It was followed by the S20, S20 Plus, and the s20 ultra series introducing 5G connectivity for the first time. By now, Samsung realized the need for longer battery life and introduced bigger batteries. 

    The s21 didn’t change much, apart from some camera improvements. By this time, Samsung had decided to discontinue its Galaxy Note series. So the S22, S22 Ultra, and S22 plus were brought to the table with the ultra model now having an S-pen, reminiscent of the Note series, with a sleek squared design, a nostalgia for the Note lovers. They claim to now have a longer duration of software updates, but let’s see how they stick to it. 


    Samsung has always surprised us with every phone it has brought to the market. Let’s hope it keeps up with the Galaxy S series and does not discontinue it like the Note series. If you would like to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy and iPhone buy , check out, where you can find and buy both old and new cell phones. You will have plenty of options to choose from and buy iphones of your choice.

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