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Fashion embracing safety: Using Face Masks as an accessory

fashion with masks

In the times we live in, masks are as necessary for our lives as our everyday cup of tea, if not more. With the rise in demand, masks have turned from a PPE to a fashion product in no time. They are increasingly becoming a fashion standard in the industry. Dresses come with complimentary masks attached to them. Have a look at the range of masks available in US Polo Association deals. 

Everyone can (and should) wear masks

Unlike other fashion trends, masks are not limited to a particular age group or people of a particular taste. From kids to oldies, everyone owns and wears a mask in public. This makes masks highly generic and therefore a product of high value. This also makes masks a very useful gift. Gift your loved ones beautiful masks using US Polo Association promo codes.

Masks can be customized and personalized

There are all varieties of masks available in the market. Printed masks, matching outfit masks, paper masks, cloth masks, and medical masks. You can choose a breathable fabric and turn it into a mask of your choice. We even have shapes and design options available at the US Polo Association offers.

Masks can be matched up with scarves, hair bands, and even jewelry items. You can match them with your phone covers and extra accessories like handbags. Use US Polo Association discount codes to get personalized discounts for your purchase.

Masks can be used to send messages

Masks can be a tool for self-expression. They can be used to show what you stand for. Many celebrities wore masks printed with slogans to silently protest their beliefs. Masks are the cooler way to “Show, not tell”. Use US Polo Association shopping to check out customized masks.

You are out for a stroll in the street and see your neighbor walking towards you. Awkward glances are passed and you make up your mind about when to start the smile-passing session. This makes you nervous and you end up not greeting him at all. We are better off without such greetings, aren’t we? While for some masks came as an inconvenience, for others masks are a way of hiding their expressions. Much like sunglasses, masks help people remain unpredictable. They like to show people only what they want to. Masks also help them avoid just-for-courtesy smiles for the camera. Use Walmart coupon codes to have a look at the broad range of products available.

Masks can be styled in diverse ways

When it comes to styling masks, there’s no limit too high. Masks are now strong fashion statements and accessorizing them the right way will make you shine in a crowd of people.

After covering most of the face, we can let our hair do the talking. Different types of masks can go with different hairstyles. An updo might look great with a cloth mask. Open curls complement flat and simple masks. Pigtails go with all patterns and colors of masks. High ponytails are the best possible hairstyle, as it brushes away hair from your face and brings attention to your eyes. You can even consider getting highlights or coloring your hair in order to make a bold move. While dark red hair looks good with lighter-colored and simpler masks like white, peach, etc. Find good-looking masks using US Polo Association coupons.

Complimenting a mask with accessories

We want to bring attention to the small details of our outfits in order to make our entire look shine. Adding those hooped earrings to your outfit along with a mask will make you look stunning for a regular day. Wearing earrings complementing your mask is a great way to make a minor but significant fashion statement in a mask. Even necklaces and bracelets look super cool if paired with the right masks. You can mix and match handbags with masks to make the look complete. Constantly wearing the mask makes your ear hurt? No worries. Just clip your mask up to your hair using a fancy hair clip and BOOM, you’re good to go.

As long as it meets health and safety standards, anything can become as a mask. You can fold your scarf or bandana in half and tie it around your face. It would make both useful and fashionable elements in your outfit

 Bring attention to your eyes 

Come on, you are wearing a mask. Your only source of communication with the world is your eyes. Why not spend some time and effort in making sure your eyes express what you feel? You can wear different shades of contact lenses to mix and match your mask. Eye makeup becomes essential on days when we wear masks. Lift your lashes with mascara and bring focus to your eyes’ beauty by outlining them with eyeliner. Be bold and experiment with your eyeshadow.

If you do not wish to put too much effort into your dress-up, just select a mask with a cool print or any trendy pattern. Masks can show more about you without you uttering a single word. 

It is important to remember that no matter how fancy a mask gets, its prime purpose is the protection of an individual from contagious diseases like COVID-19. While N95 are the masks that offer the most protection, customizing and changing your mask might make it less secure and useful. Make sure your masks follow safety standards. It is a necessity that the fabric you choose for your mask is breathable and absorbs sweat. At the same time, it should not be too light to be incapable of trapping the water droplets and protecting you. Buy from the US Polo Association sale and get safe and pretty masks for yourself and your family.

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