Fixed: Rockspace Extender Not Showing on Network List

    To utilize the Rockspace extender’s WiFi signals, you need to connect to its connection. However, what if the Rockspace extender is not showing on your network list? How will you get access to the range extender network then? Well, it is a fairly common issue after completing the Rockspace WiFi extender setup. In case you have stumbled on the same issue, we got your back.

    This post is all about troubleshooting tips to fix the Rockspace extender not showing on the network list issue. So, get through the following points and know where you are lacking. After that, you can easily resolve the issue without any hassle. Let’s roll further.

    Rockspace Extender Not Showing on Network List

    Check Power Source

    In many cases, the Rockspace WiFi range extender is not getting the proper power supply. It means the electric socket could be short-circuited. Due to this, the device either keeps rebooting or is struggling to have consistent electricity. That is why the range extender WiFi signals won’t be stable enough to show on the network list.

    We suggest you repair the wall socket. If that is not possible, you should replace it with another perfectly working socket. Make sure the pins fit perfectly into the socket. It ensures the device is not loose.

    Reboot Rockspace Extender Device

    Sometimes, after finalizing the Rockspace WiFi extender setup, errors or bugs penetrate your device. These mess with the internal functioning of the extender. Hence, your Rockspace extender is not showing on the network list. You should reboot your Rockspace WiFi extender.

    The proper rebooting procedure begins by disconnecting the extender from the host router. After that, unplug your repeater and router from the wall plug. Wait for at least five to seven minutes. Post that, plug in your devices again to a working socket. It surely will resolve the issue you have been facing.

    Strengthen Extender-Router Connection

    What if your Rockspace repeater is not connected to the host router? If that happens, your repeater won’t be having an active internet connection. Thus, its name won’t show on the network list. It happens when the device’s connection is either weak or fluctuating a lot.

    Our recommendation is to check the type of connection you have been using. For instance, in case of a wireless connection, move the devices closer. For a wired connection, the Ethernet cable has to be in decent shape. It should fit tightly into the ports.

    Check Extender’s Range

    Are you in the repeater’s range? No? Perhaps, that is why Rockspace extender is not showing on your network list. Moving away from the repeater means you are moving out of the WiFi zone. In that case, you won’t receive any WiFi signals.

    Thus, to get the WiFi signals, you should take hold of your device and move into the extender circle. Once you are connected to the WiFi network, you can open re.rockspace.local, do log in and change its range.

    WiFi Interference

    Most often, external factors hamper your Rockspace WiFi signals. Due to that, no matter how hard you try, you never get a repeater SSID on your network list. It happens due to the wrong repeater placement. Thus, most of the WiFi signals go to waste rather than reaching their potential destination, which is you.

    So, you must relocate your Rockspace WiFi extender. Rather than placing it inside a corner, we recommend that you must place it in a central location. That way, every direction from the repeater will get WiFi signals. Hence, the wastage will be minimal. Just make sure signals are not moving out through an open window.

    Reset Rockspace Extender

    We understand when nothing works. Even the best troubleshooting tips fall short when the device does not respond properly. If so, you can try one last tip, that is, reset your WiFi range extender. You can do that by pressing the reset button located on your Rockspace WiFi range extender.

    Make sure you reinstall your range extender once the reset process is over. It will erase the older data and the factors responsible for the Rockspace extender not showing on the network list.

    Sum Up

    We hope all the troubleshooting tips are given above help you get rid of the annoying issue you are facing. Try other tips before diving to reset your device. Leave a comment if you got success after implementing any of the tips given in the article.

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