How to Create a Successful Instagram Post: Finding Your Unique Voice

    Creating an engaging Instagram is just as important as creating posts for your Facebook profile. After all, the app is primarily used to show off your photos and videos. When you have an account name that’s unique from everyone else, it makes it easier for anyone who comes across your feed to follow you. Even if your friends don’t follow anyone else with that user name, they’ll see your posts and be able to find you elsewhere on the internet eventually. With so many users posting daily, it can be difficult to stand out. Followers will scroll past your posts unless you post something interesting and compelling enough to make them want to keep scrolling down the feed. To find your unique voice, think about what inspires you most and become more intentional about how you post content. If you aren’t inspired by anything, then it’s probably not going to come naturally either. 

    Focus On Finding Your Voice

    Finding your voice is hard enough once you know what it is, but it’s even more important in the beginning. You don’t want to try too hard to find your unique voice or you’ll get frustrated if you don’t succeed. Make a conscious effort to be authentic and share posts that you would want to see from yourself on Twitter. Once you’ve established your voice and are more comfortable with the process of creating posts, you’ll be able to focus more on improving. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content, especially if you’re trying to increase your engagement. Don’t be scared to include other types of social media accounts in your posts either if you want to get a better understanding of how to engage with different platforms.

    Find Out What Inspires You

    Your Instagram posts will never be as good as your voice or the inspiration behind them. A good way to discover what inspires you is to look at your posts and see what you liked best. This will help you see what types of content you were most excited by while creating your posts. Use Instagram analytics to see how many likes you received and how many people your posts reached. You can also look at your analytics on Facebook to see how many people you’ve reached outside of Instagram. Find out what types of content get the most engagement on Instagram from other users and Instagrammers you follow. You can also look at follower comments on your posts to see what types of posts other people found engaging.

    Post Often

    You don’t have to create stunningly creative Instagram posts every time you have the chance to post. Instead, try to post once a day if possible. You don’t have to post the same thing every time either. Experiment with posting different types of content, especially when you’re just starting. Try posting lifestyle-related photos and videos, or try posting inspirational quotes and word pictures. You don’t have to post the same type of content each time either. Mix it up with different types of posts so that you can stay motivated to put your phone down and create something different. If you want free Instagram likes, You can use

    Include A Mix of Different Types of Content

    Try to include both lifestyle-related and inspirational content in your posts. You can also try posting more non-photography content if you want to mix it up. Keep in mind that the type of content you include doesn’t matter as long as it’s relevant to you. Figure out what types of posts get the most engagement on Instagram from other users and Instagrammers you follow. You can also look at what content gets the most comments posted on Instagram from other users.

    Stay Consistent In How You Post

    Create a schedule for when you plan to post on Instagram. You don’t have to post every single day, but you should try to follow a schedule to help you stay consistent. Create a reminder on your phone or create an Instagram account on a separate platform so that you know when to post. Instagram is a visual platform, and it’s easy to get distracted while posting on the app. Making a schedule to follow will help you keep your focus on your posts and prevent you from getting distracted by other content online. 

    Develop A Branding Strategy

    Building a cohesive branding strategy is essential if you want to create a successful Instagram account. The content you publish on the app is your calling card and the first step to getting followers, likes, and comments. Start by defining your overall brand. What do you want people to get from your Instagram account? What is the purpose behind your content? Think about your ideal audience and why they’d want to follow you. What are their interests? Once you’ve answered these questions, your Instagram feed should flow seamlessly from fun photos of your life to more serious posts with a purpose behind them.

    Research Influencers You Want To Follow

    Instagram has a ton of users, which means there are a lot of people who have already built a following before you even have the app. In fact, over 1 billion people use the app every month and over 50% of those are active daily. There are a lot of users with large followings that you can follow for inspiration and insight. Start by searching for people who are similar to you like your age, gender, and interests. Then, you can look at their followers and look at how they use Instagram. You can also look at how they post and what type of content they share. It can be helpful to reach out to influencers and ask them questions about how they use Instagram. You can also look at their content and analyze how they post and write your own posts with their content in mind. 

    Use Captions To Explain Why You’re posting Each Photo/Video

    When you post a photo or video, add a caption to explain why you posted it. You can use captions to add more context to your photos and videos and explain why you posted them. Instagram users will see each caption when they scroll past your posts and will be able to understand why you posted the content before they have time to forget about it. When you don’t know what to caption next, try using a caption that explains why you posted the previous photo or video. You can also try using a caption that’s similar to one of your recent posts to make your captions more consistent.


    Finding your voice on Instagram is important because it helps you stand out from other users. It also helps you find content that gets the most engagement on Instagram from other users and Instagrammers. Be consistent in how you post and try to post once a day to stay on track. Pick different types of content to post and include both lifestyle-related and inspirational posts. Try to stay consistent in how you post so that you don’t get distracted by other content online. Use captions to explain why you posted each post and help you stand out from other Instagrammers.

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