How to Draw New York

    How to Draw New York. Understood as the city that never rests, New York has become a popular travel destination for people worldwide. Millions of people travel yearly to see this amazing city’s lights, sights, and sounds.

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    It also appears in countless films, TV shows, video games, and other forms of media, and there seems to be no end to the stories that can unfold in the city.

    As an iconic place, the city features many works of art, and people may want to learn how to draw New York so they can create their own. If you love this city, we recommend reading this tutorial to the end!

    How to Draw New York

    Step 1

    New York is full of iconic buildings and landmarks, and few are more famous than the Statue of Liberty. On this statue, we will mainly focus on this first step of our guide on how to draw New York. Now we draw the raised arm on the left side and then the side of the statue’s body.

    Both areas are covered with fabric, so we’ll use a lot of curved lines that connect when we draw these areas. This helps look for the crumpled fabric depicted on the statue. Finally, you can start drawing the buildings on the statue’s left side. These buildings have a lot of small details, so you may want to enlarge the reference image and copy them exactly as they appear.

    Step 2

    In this second phase of your New York drawing, we will draw the rest of the Statue of Liberty that you started within the last part. To do this, use more of those long, curved connecting lines. You can draw the rest of his body using the reference image.

    When the fabric pieces are complete, draw a hand holding the book to the right, then add the outstretched arm to the left. This hand also holds a flashlight. The last thing we will add in this step is Lady Liberty’s head. She has a rather solemn expression; you can also draw her distinctive pointed crown on her head. After drawing all these aspects, let’s move on to step 3.

    Step 3

    We have focused on the Statue of Liberty in the previous steps of this guide on how to draw New York, and for the next ones, we will turn our attention to the city itself. The city will be the most complicated part of this drawing as there are many small details to correct.

    Drawing isn’t a race, though, so if you take your time and follow the reference image closely, you’ll make it! Now you can draw a basic section of smaller buildings and structures, followed by some taller skyscrapers. You can start drawing some of these taller buildings to the left and right of this base section, so it’s time for step 4.

    Step 4

    In this step of your New York drawing, you will add taller skyscrapers to the image. These are also drawn in great detail and several sections.

    Also, try varying the height of the buildings, as this will help make the city more dynamic and realistic. With these buildings drawn, you can add finishing touches and details in the next step of the guide.

    Step 5

    In this step of our New York drawing guide, you’ll draw the rest of the city. This will be the largest and most detailed section of the skyscrapers in the photo.

    Draw New York

    You can also use a ruler to help you with the edges of the buildings if you want them to look neater and more structured. When you’ve drawn all the neighborhoods, feel free to add some details too!

    You can draw aspects like clouds or add other landmarks, cars, or vehicles for weather effects. What else can you feel of to achieve this picture?

    Step 6

    The last step of your New York drawing will finish you off with some color.

    New YOrk Drawing

    In our reference image, we’ve helped create a more realistic look by keeping the colors a bit grayer and more muted with some built-in blue tones. You could use a similar color scheme, but you could also use colorful spots on the buildings if you want a nocturnal ambiance.

    Your New York Drawing is Finished!

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