How to optimize a site with WordPress: 5 plugins

    Decided to stand out? Want to improve your website or blog and build customer loyalty? Novice or experienced web master, are you also motivated to stand out from the competition but lost in the middle of too many features, extensions and tutorials? You hesitate to jump into the deep end. To keep your head above water, the Web team is there to help you. Here is a selection of 5 essential plugins to optimize your site with WordPress: Element or to build solid and original foundations, Short Pixel Image Optimizer to create a sober and effective decor, WP Forms to build a network, WooCommerce to facilitate sales and finally Yoast SEO to simplify proofreading and improve your natural referencing.

    Build your web page with Element or


    You have already chosen your theme. It is now necessary to select the extensions adapted to your needs. As a reminder, an extension is this small program which offers new functionalities. Let’s start with the most famous page builder ghostwriter be loaded from the WordPress dashboard and the Extensions menu. It will allow you to broaden the scope of the possibilities already offered.

    It is a handy plugin for quick formatting. Its presentation facilitates handling. In the left column appear the different commands. In the one on the right, a preview of the rendering. Its free version allows the insertion of titles, images, media, maps, buttons, etc. A simple click/drag and the selection is positioned in the chosen section.

    Thanks to its many parameters, it is possible to select and modify the fonts, to make a first optimization of the illustrations by setting the alt attribute and the legend, but also to develop the internal mesh and the insertion of anchors for easy reading.ghostwriterupports HTML markup, it mirrors and duplicates a section to keep all the features. It also has a maintenance mode and a backup system.

    Even though they are obviously a part of the office team, this type of ghostwriter doesn’t give the PR specialists any credit. Writing tool that has made itself essential. Your natural referencing will be boosted thanks to photos taken into account by the algorithms and by an effective internal mesh to retain the Internet user.

    Improve image SEO using Short Pixel Image Optimizer


    The use of Short Pixel Image Optimizer first requires a free registration on the dedicated site. Upon receipt of your API key (activation key), you can exchange with the plugin and start your optimization. It offers few settings, so ideal for beginners.

    You first configure the type of compression, from the most classic to the most professional. We are then choose to apply this action to all the illustrations or to a selection only. You can choose to keep the EXIF ​​data or not. These are details on the time and date of shooting or on the settings, for example. If they can be useful for professional photographers, they are often not justified for a blogger. Finally, you can resize the elements while maintaining their aspect ratio. 

    The advanced settings of Short Pixel Image Optimizer are mainly aimed at the most experienced. They allow:

    • Optimize images other than those in the WordPress library with Additional media folders;
    • Convert documents in PNG format to JPEG with Convert PNG images to JPEG;
    • To change the color mode with CMYK to RGB conversion.

    Files can be enhanced individually, in batches, and automatically upon upload. You can choose to work only on some, or on the contrary systematically on all those that Internet users are authorized to post.

    It is often the illustrations that first catch the visitor’s attention. By lightening them first, Short Pixel Image Optimizer allows a page to be opened quickly. The reader quickly accesses his article, can read several of them and will want to come back.

    Build a network with WP Forms


    You may still be wondering about the need for a form. Is all this work necessary to gain visibility on the web? Do not hesitate. The answer is yes! Why use WP Forms? Here are some answers:

    • To create or maintain contacts;
    • To build a mailing list, disseminate information and promote products;
    • To answer the questions and expectations of Internet users;
    • To promote exchanges with readers or between them;
    • Etc.

    You want to get noticed on the web, so you must first make yourself known, create and keep in touch with your audience. If sending a mailing list is important for the distribution of a newsletter, the simple contact form has become mandatory. WP Forms, another free WordPress extension, provides the CMS with this functionality. Its simple use makes it all the more convincing.

    You will therefore optimize your site by combining WordPress and the WP Forms plugin: from the dashboard, just open the extension and ask for the creation of a new form. You select a model then the fields to insert. We decide how they are arranged. With options, you make them mandatory or optional. With the settings you configure the automatic answer and the reception mode.

    Back in Element or, you integrate the WP Forms form into the site. Customer contact is established and your site optimized!

    Open your shop with WooCommerce


    With the WooCommerce plugin you create your online store. Before you start, always keep in mind the three points that will put your potential customers in confidence. They require:

    1. An easy-to-use site;
    2. A welcoming online store with a neat design;
    3. A simple and secure payment. 

    WooCommerce is designed to meet these needs.

    This free extension will allow you to sell all types of products: from physical to digital, including subscriptions and services. In France or abroad. It is compatible with a large number of WordPress themes and page builders.

    From the menus, the webmaster defines the various parameters. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

    • Product Features;
    • TVA;
    • Shipping and delivery methods;
    • Payment method;
    • Privacy Policy;
    • Etc.

    Adding a product to your e-commerce site is as easy as adding an article with WordPress. Some default settings help get your business started. The ShopCartCheckoutMy Account and Privacy Policy pages are automatically integrated.

    The day-to-day management of an online store can be laborious. WooCommerce, practical and accessible to novices, accompanies you throughout this enterprise. And for even more peace of mind, the La Redact du Web team is at your disposal. Also find the article by Jade Martin-Krumm and her advice to increase the conversion rate of an e-commerce site.

    Optimizing a site with WordPress and Yoast SEO


    Your site is finished but you still need to verify it. To finally feel perfectly at ease in the deep end and compete with the best, the Yoast SEO extension offers you a complete proofreading, in real time, always with the aim of optimizing your natural referencing with WordPress. 

    From your CMS and by accessing the list of pages and articles, the plugin provides a first analysis. A summary table gives you your SEO score and your readability score, as well as the number of incoming and outgoing links.

    The different menus of Yoast SEO identify any problems that could negatively affect your natural referencing. It sets the identity of the site, its publications, its archives, its RSS feeds, etc. The tools import and export benchmark settings from one site to another, edit files and batches for common changes, provide some SEO information and advice, finally count and check the validity of links. 

    Yoast SEO, plugin with growing notoriety, is indispensable for the detection and resolution of problems. His proposal of solutions, although purely indicative, is a pleasant added value.

    The development, creation, management, regular updating and verifications are essential steps for a good natural referencing. However, your lack of mastery of certain tools makes setting up your site complicated and monitoring it is time-consuming. To acquire and keep all your uniqueness on the net and thus enjoy a beautiful place in the sun, you need to delegate. SEO professionals are there to meet all your expectations. 

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