4 Important Things to Add to Your Will

    Death is an inevitable reality and a phase that every one of us has to go through and experience. Irrespective of your belief, you can not deny this basic reality of life that we can not control. However, there is something that we can control after we die.

    Every person has the right to decide the way he wants his funeral to be, the way he wants to be remembered, and the way his wealth should be distributed after he dies. There is no other way of doing it but to leave a will. 

    You can add all the things in your will that you feel you wouldn’t be able to say or do when you’re alive. Make sure it’s your will and not a suicide letter because the latter might make people believe that you were not able to take decisions in the right state of mind. 

    Your Funeral Preference

    Many people prefer cremation over graves and they have all the right to do so. Mostly, people who are claustrophobic tend to go with this decision because the thought of a small closed room made of dirt scares them the most. 

    You can decide if you want your relatives to save the ashes of your burnt body or if you want your body to slowly decay into the soil leaving nothing but debris. Sounds brutal, but this is where human life ends sadly. That’s a sad reality we have to face sooner or later. 

    Distribution of Your Inheritance

    Since most people have spent their whole life building a materialistic empire, they need to decide who gets to enjoy their wealth once they die because, unfortunately, if there is any afterlife, no wealth will benefit humans in that. Hopefully. 

    You will want to decide on the distribution of your inheritance and mention who gets the biggest share and who gets the least in your inheritance. Make sure to keep this confidential because if you don’t, then there is a high chance you will die an unnatural death. 

    Advice For Your Close Ones

    No message leaves a more significant impact than the one people hear after your death. You could say anything you always wanted to say but couldn’t because you were either too afraid or too shy to say that. You can add that message of yours to your will. 

    Moreover, you can also leave a letter for people you love that will be kept with your will, and they will only be able to read it after you die. You can also add what you want to be written on your memorials.

    A General Apology to All You’ve Wronged

    This is the most important thing to add to your will. Because if, out of all the possibilities, an afterlife exists, you will be doomed due to the people you would have wronged. So, it’s better to play safe and leave a general apology letter for people you have wronged. 

    Even if the afterlife doesn’t exist, you will still have nothing to lose, and people’s opinions won’t matter anymore. So, it is better to go prepared for the worst. 

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