MTP USB Device Driver Failed to Install Windows 10

    Tired of the error messages like “Device driver software installation unsuccessful” and “MTP USB Device Failed?” You have come to the right place to resolve this issue. The panic time is over, as this article will enlighten you with all the possible fixes to this challenge. 

    Thankfully, this issue has occurred to lots of other Windows users. As a result, there are numerous fixes available to assist you in resolving MTP USB driver issues on Windows 10. The MTP USB installation failure prevents you from transferring and exchanging media files among various USB devices, including cameras, smartphones, and other devices. So, this article will help you understand how to resolve the MTP USB device driver failed to install error using the troubleshooting steps provided below. However, let’s first briefly understand what MTP is.

    What is MTP or Media Transfer Protocol?

    MTP, or Media Transport Protocol, is a transmission protocol created expressly for the quick transfer of audio and video files. It is a part of the Windows Media platform’s newly released features. Therefore, your smartphone, tablet, or any mobile media player supports MTP. The settings menu of most Android devices contains this capability.

    Consumer electronics are likely to support the MTP protocol if they can handle audio and video formats and can be inserted into a USB port on a computer. The following list of mobile electronics uses MTP:

    • Smartphones 
    • Tabs
    • MP3 players
    • Digital cameras
    • PMPs
    • Any multimedia device

    Generally, USB cables are included with these devices, so you may connect them to a PC. Moreover, it is important to remember that you can use the MTP protocol for several interface types. For instance, a FireWire port is on some devices supporting this feature. You can also use MTP in other OSs’ via Bluetooth or a TCP/IP network. But this article will show you the best ways to resolve the Windows 10 “MTP USB Driver Failed” error.

    Troubleshooting to check the hardware

    Before moving on to the solutions, you must ensure that your hardware is working absolutely fine. In order to see if the error message is persistent, try connecting your device to a different USB port. Remember to turn on your cell phone’s debugging settings before moving on to the resolutions below if you can confirm that your hardware is not the problem.

    Method 1: Update the MTP USB Driver on Windows

    If your hardware is working well, it is most probable that you are operating with the incorrect driver. You must therefore obtain the appropriate graphic card drivers. The manual procedure is visiting the manufacturer’s website and looking for the most recent driver compatible with your current operating system. On the other side, you may always go the simpler route and use a dependable driver updater to pave the way for automation during the process.

    Method 2: Installing the Media Feature Pack of Windows

    Users using the Windows N version should use this fix. Media Feature Pack is necessary for Windows 10 N editions to connect to a smartphone or other portable device. Observe the instructions below:

    • Check out
    • The Downloads section is located toward the bottom of the page.
    • Use the drop-down option to choose the appropriate Windows edition.
    • Select the Confirm option.
    • Click the download button now.
    • Install the file once you have downloaded it.

    Method 3: Repair your Registry Settings

    There is a possibility that your registry contains incorrect entries. Therefore, repairing the problematic keys is one method for Windows 10 MTP USB driver issues. However, be cautious about backing up your registry before moving forward. Remember that this is a private database. Your machine may not correctly boot if you make even the smallest error. Thus, follow the below-given simple steps to fix your registry settings:

    • Using your keyboard, hit Windows Key+R to open the Run dialogue box.
    • Now, in the Run dialogue box, enter “regedit” (without the quotations). Then, click Enter to continue.
    • Open the Registry Editor and go to this location: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control/Class.
    • On your keyboard, hit Ctrl+F and then type “Portable Devices.”
    • Navigate to the right pane. The (Default) setting for Portable Devices should be seen here.
    • Right-click UpperFilters if you see it. Choose Delete from the available options. 

    Note that if you do not see the option, then it simply means that this solution is not for you. It is suggested to try some other fixing solution. 

    Method 4: Reinstalling the MTP USB Device Driver

    The main cause of MTP connection issues or MTP USB Device driver failure issues is improperly configured MTP USB device drivers. However, as was already indicated, Windows 10 won’t permit the installation of an MTP driver without a signature. As a result, reinstalling the device driver can be the answer for you.

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    Different solutions may work in different situations. Exploring all the possible solutions for the MTP USB device driver failed to install error is essential. Asking for technical support is also one of the easiest ways out. 

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