My Opinion on SARMs and Why I Recommend Avoiding

    When we feel like we are reaching our natural limits in bodybuilding, for many the question of taking steroids arises. But in the end most of the practitioners don’t take it because of their side effects or for fear of injecting themselves… And it is in my opinion a wise decision 🙂

    And there came the SARMS. They are considered “the future of steroids”. Products that combine the benefits of anabolics, without their (heavy) list of negative effects. Isn’t life beautiful?

    I even thought of buying some at some point to test, listening to the arguments of each other in the weight room. And then I did some research and realized it was probably bullshit. I explain to you.

    What are SARMs?

    From the English Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, SARMs were originally invented at the end of the 90s to help in the treatment of serious diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer or AIDS. SARMs are thus used with the aim of reducing muscle wasting. In the same way as steroids, the world of bodybuilding has diverted their primary use to make muscles grow… Always more!! 😉

    Indeed, their mechanism resembles that of steroids: they bind to androgen receptors, except that SARMs are selective and will bind only to those that allow you to gain muscle mass, leaving aside the receptors that cause you to have side effects (prostate, testicles, etc.).

    Basically, as I said in the intro: the effects of anabolics without the risks and side effects. No need either to take support supplements during the cycle, no need for inhibitors (anti-aromatase…) to limit the negative effects. On paper, it is therefore simpler and less expensive.

    And icing on the cake, MRSA is taken orally… So no injection.

    The truth about SARMs

    • Lack of reliable studies

    SARMs are products that are still under study (phase 1 and 2 for the vast majority of them). Even if the first studies carried out were promising, they all conclude on the fact that they are insufficient to draw clear conclusions.

    In addition, the studies that have been done so far only focus on whether SARMs are effective in increasing muscle mass, and not on whether or not they have negative effects.

    It has now been more than 15 years since the studies began and we still have nothing concrete.

    • 2. Lack of hindsight

    Due to their recent invention and especially the fact that SARMs have only been used in the world of bodybuilding for a few years, we have no perspective on the long-term effects on humans and their potential dangers, negative effects, etc. .

    It’s exactly like going back a few decades with doping and steroids, the real risks were only discovered later after many years of use by humans.

    At least now with anabolics we have perspective, the risks for each product are known, and if we follow a good protocol it is possible to compensate for the negative effects by taking other products.

    SARMs are therefore sold as without side effects but we know NOTHING about it. You may not have the same risks as with anabolics, but there are others. Some users have already reported significant vision problems.

    Personally I would have the impression of being used as a guinea pig by testing a S.A.R.M.

    • 3. Lack of traceability

    I remind you because there is sometimes confusion, SARMs are illegal products in France and in most developed countries in the world. To get it you will have to go through the black market or on unreliable sites.

    Consequences: composition and origin of the product often dubious, dosage of components often random… In short, you don’t really know what you are putting in your body!!

    From what I understand the products often come from China or Russia. Not being legal in France there is no control. The market is new, and there is in my opinion even more room for drifts than with steroids. Even when buying from a seemingly reliable site like imuscle, there is no guarantee of product quality.

    • Conclusion: my opinion on SARMs

    I quickly realized that the risks are not necessarily lower than with steroids, they may just be different, and it is better for my health that I stay away from sarms.

    They are banned in France, Europe and the United States. They are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and YES they are detectable contrary to what I read on a forum.

    These are not food supplements at all, but rather pharmaceutical products.

    While doing my research I came across a site that sells legal alternatives to SARMs with products with natural ingredients that are supposed to come close to their effects.

    Same I did my research and I decided to test, I took the one presented as an alternative to MK-2866 (Ostarine) to accompany my dry.

    So yes you are going to tell me that it has nothing to do with it and it is a dietary supplement, but I still had very good feelings with it! It’s less potent than ostarine, much less than clenbuterol, but at least it’s safe and it’s worked for me…I don’t regret my purchase.

    Below are my results following a cutting program (cyclical diet):

    • Week 1

    Not really any effects

    • Week 2

    slight fat loss

    No change in training

    • Week 3

    Loss of fat or water

    Better congestion

    • Week 4

    Better congestion

    Less fatigue during the session

    Better recovery

    • Week 5-6

    Same effects as week 3 + I finally feel a little more strength

    I’m starting to get very dry

    • Week 7

    I am satisfied with the result I start to eat more while continuing to take Osta 2866 to complete the 2 months (1 bottle = 1 month)

    This alternative product to ostarine is on sale here. If you test it, don’t hesitate to give me your feedback in the comments, I’m interested!!

    They also have quite a few other products on the site:

    Ibutamoren (MK-677)

    1. Andarine (S4)
    2. Ligandrol (LGD 4033)
    3. Stenabolic (SR9009)
    4. Cardarine (GW 501516)
    5. Testolone (RAD 140)
    6. S23
    7. YK-11

    I have just placed a new order for ligandrol, I will give you feedback in a new article.

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