Netgear Genie Setup

    Users may install an extender more easily than ever thanks to a setup guide offered by Netgear. The Netgear Genie Setup tutorial provides detailed on-screen instructions for setting up a new WiFi Extender. You only need to follow these instructions one at a time. Because of this, it can be stated to be the simplest technique for installing a Netgear Extender. You must connect to Genie Smart Setup Wizard in order to begin the New Extender Setup. Let’s look at how to accomplish the task.

    • Activate the wireless extender.
    • Your laptop or desktop should be properly turned on.
    • Open any online browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

    When you’re finished, the browser will take you directly to the login page for the Netgear genie setup wizard. Alternatively, manually enter in the address field and press the enter key if this is not the case for you. Press the Login button using the default information. You’ll arrive at the Netgear Smart Wizard if you do this.

    Instructions for the Netgear Genie Smart Setup Wizard

    In order to reach remote areas of a home or workplace, Netgear extenders are useful for extending the current wireless network’s range and coverage. Therefore, 99% of users choose WiFi extenders to access hassle-free internet throughout their homes or workplaces. Another advantage of utilising Netgear extenders is the Netgear genie setup process. Even inexperienced people can set up an extension because of how simple it is. The Genie Smart Setup Wizard’s on-screen installation instructions are as follows:

    1. Enter the name of your wireless extended network, then click continue.
    2. On your computer, laptop, or mobile device, launch the WiFi network manager.
    3. The setup will now be finished by clicking the finish button.
    4. The extension can be kept anywhere after being unplugged.
    5. Ensure that the extension is placed in a clean area.
    6. To locate the ideal location for your extender, you can also use router link LED.

    Note:- if you need any help regarding your wifi extender follow on the screen steps given for your wifi range extender. For more information visit official website  that is

    Access to Netgear Genie Smart Setup is still not working.

    Not to worry! We can assist if, among other things, you are unable to access your Netgear extender via Genie, the Smart Wizard reports no internet connection despite the fact that everything functions, your web browser keeps rerouting you to the Genie setup page after the extender has been installed successfully, and so on. For expert-provided troubleshooting advice, go to our Blog page. You can also get immediate Netgear Genie setup assistance from us if you contact us. Additionally, we can assist you in addressing any difficulties you may have downloading the Netgear Genie Windows 10 app.

    Can I Add a WPS Client to My Extender’s Network Using the Smart Setup?

    You can add a wireless computer or device using WPS, or WiFi Protected Setup, without having to type the WiFi password.

    • Launch a web browser on your computer.
    • Enter in the address area of the web browser by clicking there.
    • There will be a login window.
    • Include http:// before the URL in case you don’t see the login prompt.
    • After entering the username and password, press the login button.
    • Click the add WPS client button when the Netgear Genie setup process has opened.
    • Push Buttons and PIN Numbers are the two configuration options. Depending on your preference, pick one of them.

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