Planets That are important for Foreign Education in Astrology

    Rahu/Ketu, Moon, Saturn, and Venus are the four principal planets that facilitate travel overseas or outside one’s own country. In the horoscope for traveling abroad, we must consider these 4 planets, their dignity, and how they relate to the appropriate houses.

    Know more about foreign education in Astrology.

    The most significant planet for international travel is Rahu. Rahu can provide Foreign Travel in its Dasha if it is well-positioned. Although it can provide foreign items, satisfaction cannot be guaranteed. In astrology, Rahu’s conjunction with the 7th, 8th, 9th, or 12th lord can imply international travel. Travel can also be indicated by Rahu in the seventh or Lagna.

    Given that Moon is the fourth Lord by nature, Moon is also significant in astrology while evaluating foreign colonies. The ancients predicted that a person who has the Moon in Kendra(1,4,7,10) will be able to travel extensively both domestically and abroad. Astrology can predict international travel when the Moon is in a watery sign, particularly when Rahu is conjunct. In astrology, the Moon in the 8th, 9th, or 12th house, particularly the exalted Moon in the 12th house, can imply foreign colonization.

    Role of Vedic Astrology in Studying Abroad

    In order to provide forecasts for many parts of your life, Vedic astrology computes the planetary positions at the moment of your birth. The important document that allows you to comprehend these planetary characteristics and receive astrological readings for international schooling is your horoscope, also known as your Janam Kundali.

    According to astrology, the placement of the 12th Lord or the fifth Lord in a Kundali determines the foreign education Yog. For foreign schooling, astrologers consult your birth chart and examine the planetary alignments through the second, fourth, fifth, eighth, and twelfth houses. The third, fourth, seventh, ninth, or twelfth houses are examined in order to determine the astrological implications of moving abroad or traveling.

    More and more students today are keen to study abroad because they believe that doing so is preferable to attending one of our country’s local universities.

    The students, however, choose where to study on their own. They choose to study locally or abroad for various reasons. Both domestic and international universities have their own distinctive qualities as well as benefits and drawbacks.

    Astrological significators for foreign education :

    There is various significant astrological combination that points toward higher education in abroad the astrology chart. 

    • Chances of studying and working abroad are indicated by the astrological pairing of the second Lord with the house of foreign settlement or the planet.

    • The person will fly overseas for higher studies if the 12th Lord has any astrological relationships with the 5th house Lord.

    • According to astrology for abroad settlement, there is a good chance that the native will pursue an international education if there is any relationship between them and the 10th Lord.

    • Studies abroad are indicated by the placement of the Lord of the 9th house in the 12th astrological house.

    • According to Prashan Kundali, the 9th and 4th cuspal sub-Lord represent study abroad. Will I settle overseas by date of birth? and other questions can be swiftly answered with a Prashna Kundali, or horoscope. Will I be accepted into a reputable university abroad? Will my application for a student visa be accepted? so forth.

    • If the Rahu and Ketu axis is located in the 12th astrological house from the ascendant of birth and the ascendant of the Moon sign.

    • If the Lord of the 4th house is connected to Rahu, Ketu, and the 4th house from both ascendants, it indicates foreign education in the Kundali or horoscope.

    • According to the Bhavat Bhavam principle, the seventh house has a crucial role in astrology’s forecasts regarding overseas schooling. The house opposite Lagna, or East, is the 7th house, which stands for the west direction.

    • The likelihood of receiving an astrology education abroad is indicated by the transit of planets like Jupiter, Rahu, and Saturn over significator houses.

    • Kendra has the Moon and a movable sign (quadrant). It frequently denotes travel for business or study abroad.

    • When the Moon is in the Kendra, Pisces, or Cancer signs, or when it is in the 12th, 8th, or 9th house in your own sign or in an exalted sign, it is very likely that you will pursue higher study overseas.

    • You have a good probability of moving overseas for a job or study if the Lord of the 4th house is in the 12th house of your horoscope.

    • Opportunities to travel abroad for higher education are also presented by the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th, 9th, or 12th house of the horoscope.

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