Reasons Why Clipsal 2000 Series Switchboard is Ideal for You

    An outdated electrical system is quite dangerous. Older switchboards can’t manage the power demand of modern appliances, increasing the risk of electric fires. 

    How you handle electricity at home or in business premises determines your safety. Efficient electric systems also reduce energy costs. Going for cost-efficient and aesthetic switchboards ensures your house’s safety and beauty. Nothing is better than the Clipsal 2000 Series Switchboard if you plan to replace your older switchboards. 

    This article discusses some key reasons to upgrade to Clipsal 2000 Series Switchboards.

    Eliminates Stress from Fuse Blow 

    You need a larger switchboard to handle increased power demand, which reduces fuse blows. Reduced fuse blows increase safety against electric hazards. Upgrading to c2025 Clipsal switches will protect your home against switch blows and ensure safety and security.

    Protects Home Against Electrical Fires

    Overcrowding of fuses makes them loose, leading to wire faults and electric fires. To avoid the same, changing your switchboards to new ones is important.

    Meets Increased Power Demands

    When you install a new machine in your commercial facility or home, more power is required to run them. The older fuse box will struggle to meet the current power usage, leading to overheating and electric dangers. To avoid the same, it is necessary to upgrade your switchboard. 


    Old switchboards are less efficient, which increases energy usage, raising power bills. An older switchboard is prone to problems, increasing maintenance costs. You save maintenance and energy costs by upgrading your switchboard.

    Enhances Electrical Safety

    Wiring abnormalities are high in outdated switchboards, which increases risks. Many older fuses are made of ceramic and blow easily due to power overload, causing a fire. Upgrading your switchboard will ensure you are safe. To counter the problem, you must install modern switchboards and c2025 Clipsal switches to advance your safety.

    Solves the Problem of Flickering Lights

    Obsolete switchboards that can’t regulate constant electricity flow use your lights to blink and flash quite often. You can solve this problem of blinking lights by upgrading your switchboard, which works well with dimmable LED downlights and saves energy.

    Required where Safety Switch Isn’t Available

    Not having a safety switch exposes your home and family to electrical accidents. You can enhance your safety by installing a modern switchboard to minimize the risk of electrical damage. 

    Adds Aesthetics to your Home

    Upgraded switchboards are not only safe but are also aesthetically pleasing. A modern switchboard will add elegance to your home while preventing electrical fires. Installing an upgraded switchboard gives you more room for future renovations than older switchboards.

    Helps to Identify Electrical Defaults

    Some electrical system issues, like bonding and poor primary earth connections, pose a danger. However, you can quickly discover such issues when installing a new switchboard and fix them to avoid any hazards. 


    Older switchboards compromise the safety of your home. Modern switchboards protect your home against electric fire. Upgraded and modern switchboards work well with dimmable LED downlights, saving energy and reducing energy costs. Changing to Clipsal 2000 Series Clipboard switchboards will protect your home from all electrical hazards.

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