Reformer Pilates– how beneficial is it?

    Currently, exercise is an important aspect of everyday routine for every health-conscious person. After the pandemic, everyone is more concerned about physical and mental health. Some started to go to the gym while others like to do exercise at home only. The exercise focuses on the overall strength, flexibility, posture, and balance of your body. The exercise also strengthens your core, spine, back muscle, and neck. 

    Whether you are a fitness lover or starting your healthy lifestyle, you might have heard of Pilates. Now you can transform the medium intense workout into High intense and burn more calories with reformer pilates. While in traditional Pilates, the workout does not engage with equipment, the new version has techniques to add proper resistance to the Pilates, thus, in turn, resulting in more strong muscle gaining. 

    What is Reformer Pilates?

    Reformer Pilates is used for the pretty same reason but while in normal pilates class, you exercise on a floor mat, in the new variety, you exercise on a reformer machine. The machine looks like a flat platform with numerous attachments fixed on two ends, for instance, headrest attachments, straps, adjustable bars, and many more. Each attachment has different functions to maintain your posture accurately during exercise while adding additional support in an intense workout. 

    • Using the adjustable bar, you can arrange suitable space for your legs on the reformer pilates. 
    • On the head side, use the headrest to keep your position steady during the exercise. 

    Pilates exercise on reformer will increase your mental health along with physical health. The reformer machines add resistance to your exercise by having a strap and pulley attached to the sides. You can achieve a more toned, strong core portion by using reformer pilates. 

    Who can do reformer Pilates exercise?

    Maybe the right question would be who can’t do the exercise? Traditional Pilates contains low-intensity workouts for the whole body. Adding a reformer machine to the traditional workout enhances the intensity level that helps you reach your fitness goal quickly. You can increase the intensity by using adjustable tools. 

    From beginners to advanced fitness lovers, everyone can do the exercise. Because one can change the intensity level by adjusting different attachments of the reformer, one can use it for strength, cardio, and many more.

    Although at first sight, new people joining Pilates get scared of the machine and become confused about its function. But with the proper guidance of a trainer, you can learn the machine quickly and operate it by yourself. 

    Fitness experts will guide you to avoid injuries during exercise. However, you must join a proper class with a certified instructor to include reformer pilates into your fitness routine. 

    You need some points to understand before starting reformer pilates:

    You can join a certified reformer pilates fitness institute to meet your fitness goal. Though there are some things, you need to know if you are doing that for the first time.

    • The reformer platform has wheels attached to the bottom, so it moves. It has several different parts too that are adjustable and moving. Check and understand the safety measures before you start exercising.
    • At first, you will find difficulties understanding the working function but follow your instructor’s orders, and you will gradually adopt the concept.
    • You can increase the intensity level by using more springs. But at the beginning, your instructor will advise how much you will need for a specific exercise. After getting used to the reformer, you can adjust the spring according to your choice.

    Benefits of using Reformer Pilates:

    The workout, with this improved Pilate version, provides all the benefits of traditional Pilates, like a strong core, flexibility, and strength to your whole body while burning more calories.

    • The workout engages your whole body to perform exercises. Due to this, you achieve an overall fit body.
    • You can use different resistant levels on the reformer pilates.
    • The exercises are high in intensity but low in impact. Thus anyone can perform them. 
    • Reformer Pilates is also good for people who want to recover from injuries. But, they must do low-intensity exercise with the tool.


    Reformer Pilates is a great workout for everyone for its high-intensity level and low impact. Thus everyone with any fitness level can perform the exercises to get the benefits. In today’s world, when everyone has a very limited amount of time for everything, one hour of that exercise will help you achieve a fit body.

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