Spilled Liquid On Your MacBook? Here’s What You Need To Do

    To any average MacBook user, the device is their source of countless uses and functions for everyday life, and the dependence is no surprise. These uses can range from personal and normal usage to work and some pretty serious business, and as one of the best laptops in the world, the number of MacBook users isn’t less. 

    As much as these are treasured, it’s just as much of a dreadful mess to have your MacBook spilled on or, worse, get water damaged. It can be frustrating to be in, along with the dent it might put in your wallet. However, some measures you can take yourself when you spill liquid on your MacBook can reduce the chance of damage to its hardware. We’ve listed them for you to follow if you’re ever in a similar situation. 

    Cut The Electricity Off 

    First things first, cut off any electric power to the laptop. Unplugging your MacBook’s charger is the first thing you should do, even if it comes at the cost of ignoring the MacBook for a second. The flow of electricity into the MacBook while it’s still turned on with liquid spilled on it can cause short-circuiting or other hazardous damage, so make sure it’s away from any switch or electric socket. In addition to this, please turn off the MacBook and do not turn it on any time soon. 

    Dry It Off Completely

    Next, you’d want to make sure you’re drying off any liquid you can catch. You can use a soft towel or cloth to soak up the liquid, and when you’re sure there’s no excess fluid left, leave the MacBook to air dry for at least two days, i.e., 48 hours. Do not use heated air drying devices on the device, and make sure it’s kept away from any further adverse conditions. 

    Remove Accessories

    Alongside drying and cutting off electricity, remove any additional accessories attached to the MacBook. Any external devices still connected to the MacBook can cause unnecessary problems, so to be safer, make sure you don’t connect anything to the laptop. These accessories can be any external add-ons, such as a mouse, a USB device, or anything else. 

    Assess The Damage 

    By now, if you’ve successfully left your laptop untouched and to air dry for 48 hours, you can try turning it back on to check. If it turns around normally and works just like it used to, your device is safe from needing a laptop repair. If it is having issues with switching on, lags, or there’s a slowed performance, or the display isn’t what it used to be, the situation’s most probably out of your hands now. 

    Find A Good Repair Place 

    The next thing you’ll need to do is find a good repair company to cover your MacBook repair for you. is a company that lets you choose your repairs with affordable costs and extremely reliable skills. In addition to laptop repairs, also specializes in iPhone repairs, other cell phone repairs, accessories, and much more. Check them out today to get your water-damaged MacBook repaired and running back in no time.

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