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    Every activity has an ecological impact. Humanity has so exploited the resources of a resilient planet that it is at risk of extinction. The environmental web editor, at the service of nature, knows how to explain the reasons and report on courses of action. A biodiversity that is in bad shape; the Earth which is warming up too much and too quickly… As an entrepreneur, you must think about the repercussions of your activity and find ways to mitigate them. Although many companies are taking steps in this direction, making it known remains a challenge.

    Between accusations of “greenwashing” greenwashing and lack of visibility, the way seems narrow. This is where the ecosystem specialist comes in; it will do feats to expand the audience of your site and popularize the image of your company.

    More visible and better recognized thanks to the environment web editor

    In addition to his writing skills, the ecology expert is a source of proposals. He can easily give you relevant advice in communication. All this for the benefit of your site, whose traffic will grow and its image will be consolidated.

    His in-depth knowledge of environmental issues establishes the credibility of your site

    Passionate about the environment, the editor constantly monitors related issues. It is thus able to intervene on any most recent element in the matter. In this way, he will be able to enlighten readers on substantive topics:

    • The dangers that threaten the planet: pollution, global warming, overconsumption, depletion of natural resources…
    • Existing solutions to remedy this: elimination of fossil fuels in favor of renewable energies, recycling, reforestation, organic farming, permaculture, etc.
    • Potential paradigm shifts: modification of consumption patterns, modes of transport, relocation, short circuits, eco-design, degrowth, etc.

    But he also knows how to choose a more anecdotal angle to write a viral article or bounce on the latest trend that has yet to be seen. It helps to develop the credibility of your site, its attractiveness and to make it a reference.

    More than an author for the Internet, a strategic advisor

    Do not forget that your collaborator seeks above all to satisfy your expectations. It is an experienced ally that adapts to your activity. You deal with environmental issues in an educational or commercial blog. It offers you the articles likely to widen your audience. You work in a company whose ecological impact is not nil. The web editor is your asset: he will publicize the company’s involvement in remedying this.

    For example, imagine an e-commerce site for cosmetics. Its products, despite their good quality, however, contain certain ingredients considered harmful to nature. For example, sunscreens, the use of which threatens corals in the oceans. Work is underway to modify the composition of these products, but this is taking time. On this point, the brand retains a controversial image, unfavorable to its development. Experts of the social media verification service will suggest that you think about a communication strategy on the Internet and social networks. He can write about the history of the company and its values, or describe the research implemented to modify the conditions of production. Showcase of your activity, your site, based on well-documented content, becomes a lever of positive communication.

    Writer specializing in ecology, a sought-after profile

    Like any web editor, the environmental specialist began by working on various subjects. This versatile learning endowed him with a flexible writing capacity, in line with the expectations of a client. But above all, it allows him to quickly enter into a given problem, to know how to document it and to find a relevant and coherent angle of approach.

    His specialized knowledge saves you time and quality

    Specialization is therefore an additional advantage. It is often based on a strong personal interest on the part of the editor. He has studied in this direction. Because working on the environment requires in-depth knowledge in multiple fields, in particular scientific ones. How indeed to write a good article on global warming, the rise of the oceans, the pollution of agricultural land, etc., without a serious background in physics, chemistry, statistics? Or explain the disappearance of animal or plant species, without knowing the basics of life sciences? In addition, passionate, he continues to update his knowledge.

    The editor’s ethics in the service of nature

    It is this very qualified expertise that your collaborator brings. It thus contributes to give a guarantee of seriousness to your site. Long-term work will make it an indisputable and soon to be essential reference. But beware! If the environmental web editor is in no way an activist for a cause, the ethics of his profession prohibit him from disguising reality. No question of asking him to interpret figures in an erroneous way or to propagate “fake news”.

    How to choose your environmental expert for the web

    You are convinced by this information. But how to find the rare pearl, the editor who will increase the traffic of your site?

    Have a clear idea of ​​your expectations

    What do you expect from it: simply supply content to certain pages of your site? Start a collaboration with an expert who can advise you? Before contacting a candidate, define precisely the profile sought and the mission you wish to entrust to him. Write a detailed briefing, specifying the types of content requested, their volume, their frequency. Don’t forget to explain in as much detail as possible the reasons for your request, as well as your final objective. This will help you clarify your expectations and avoid making mistakes in your choice.

    Be efficient in your research

    There are many channels to recruit a web copywriter. But always check his skills in this area, because your environment specialist must also master writing for your site, and in particular:

    • Understand what Internet users are looking for on the Internet.
    • Decipher what is hidden behind search engine algorithms.
    • Optimize the visibility of your pages by working on the content.
    • Know how to properly structure an article, according to the codes of writing on the Web.
    • And learn all the honest ways to improve a site’s audience.

    An environmental expert will be more difficult to find quickly on general sites. It is better to rely on a more targeted search:

    • By typing your request directly into a search engine, and by visiting the sites and blogs of the editors. Always ask to see their portfolios, examples of their work. It is up to you to determine on what criteria you will select your collaborator.
    • By looking for candidates or placing an advertisement on LinkedIn, or even on other professional social networks.
    • By going through a web writing agency like us who will be able to offer you a confirmed specialist directly. You will save time and be guaranteed to work with a good professional.

    It now remains for you to make your activity, your products, your services and your commitments to nature better known. You have the cards in hand to find your environment web editor. It will transform your site and make it gain traffic, customers and a positive image.

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