The Right Way to Reach Global Travelers

    In a research report released by Phocuswright, the global travel activity market is projected to reach $209 billion by 2023. As of 2020, this figure is estimated to stand at $167 billion, with 33% of that amount attributed to the hotel industry. The hotel industry is an essential stakeholder in the travel ecosystem and its share will increase as the global travel market expands. The owner of a hotel is also responsible for doing everything in his or her power to entice international travelers to book with you.

    The best hotel in bakersfield california, USA, across all categories, face fierce competition, which makes it particularly challenging for foreign guests to find a place to stay. Despite this, hotels in the U.S. can attract international tourists if they have a basic understanding of what they expect and what foreign guests expect from them. Here in this post, we will learn about some useful tips following which a hotel can easily reach out to its global travelers.

    Tips for Attracting International Guests and Travelers

    Identify Your Target Audience  

    You must know what kind of foreign tourists visit your region. Take the time to understand their nationality, age group, their stay patterns, how they spend their time during their stay in a hotel, and the time of their visit. When you know your target audience, developing a strategy to attract them will be easier.

    Your Hotel Brand’s Niche – Think About it

    Having a well-planned branding strategy for your hotel will give it much-needed brand value and help you attract more guests. The most important thing is that consistency in branding helps to distinguish your hotel from others. It is imperative that your hotel website provides all the information a guest may need.

    Keep your brand’s niche in mind while projecting it. What makes your property the best choice for serving foreign guests? What makes you different from your competitors? Basically, you should provide some solid reasons for your potential guests to book with you. Also, help them get a feel for your hotel by letting them take a virtual tour. By showing them (the guests) what the room will look like and how other amenities will work, you might prompt them to book a room with you.

    Utilize Marketing to Reach Out to Them

    Furthermore, you should run geo-specific campaigns to increase your website’s traffic. Suppose you are running one of the best hotel in bakersfield california and your target audience is from Germany and France. Then these following tricks might help you:

    PPC ads and social media ads

    Utilize the right keywords to run PPC ads and social media ads in Germany and France (terms that German and French travelers use when searching for hotels in Los Angeles). By doing this, you can project your hotel’s brand right in front of your target audience. This makes it easier to increase conversion rates.

    Apply the same strategy to your social media ads. Engage your potential guests through social media by posting engaging content. Language plays a vital role here. Providing them with more information in their own language will help them better understand your hotel and its amenities.

    Take advantage of online hotel booking engines

    Your next step is to entice them with special offers on your website to get them onto your booking engine. The likelihood of them booking directly with you is high. And, most importantly, your staff must speak their language to ensure they feel comfortable. Make sure your staff speaks the language of your foreign guests right from the pre-booking chat to the airport pick-up and drop-off.

    Make Sure Your Hotel is Listed on Popular OTAs

    One of the best hotel strategies to attract foreign guests is to identify popular OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). Your hotel’s online visibility in your targeted regions will increase if you list your property with the right packages. If you want to have a seamless integration between your hotel PMS and your channel manager software, you should use a cloud-based Hotel PMS. In this way, you would be able to update all your OTAs in real-time with rates and inventory.

    Publicize Your Local Attractions

    Anything with a ‘special’ tag can be considered. It could be a wine festival, a film festival, or a local fair that attracts a large number of foreign tourists. Identify what kind of people arrives at those events and where they come from. Partner with those events as a ‘hospitality partner’. Make them convince to book with you by offering a certain percentage off on confirmed bookings, or offering them free passes if they book with you.

    Enhance Guest Reviews

    You must do this. Guest reviews can influence potential buyers’ booking decisions. Get your global hotel guests to write good reviews about your property and services. Be thoughtful and careful when responding to both positive and negative reviews. It is important to promote good reviews as widely as possible.

    Final Words

    Overall, in current times, reaching out to the desired guests is very easy, regardless of whether they belong to the same country or not. Make use of these impeccable tricks to target global tourists like the best hotels in Bakersfield, California do and convert them into guests of your hotel.

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