How Our Web Development Agency in Chicago Can Help You Make the Most Out of Instagram for Your Business

    Web Development Agency In Chicago For businesses that sell products and services, Instagram has quickly become the most significant marketing platform of all social media apps. Its 1 billion users represent a huge pool of potential engagement. Our design service teams focus on visual content planning and development, creating award-winning custom design solutions to attract your target audience and captivate them through storytelling, reinforcing your business’s reputation as a top provider of products or services in the Chicago area, while inspiring them to take the next step and make an informed purchase decision on your website or in-store. The challenge?

    Understanding the Algorithm:
    Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that can make or break your business. How does Web Development Agency In Chicago know if your posts are being seen by the right people? Understanding how their algorithm works, and how to use it to your advantage, will help ensure that you’re utilizing this incredible social media platform properly.
    1) All posts on Instagram have not been created equally: Certain types of content perform better than others. Keep up with trends as they come and go; while some may have died down, there may be new ones taking over! 2) The best time to post is 11 am-12 pm on weekdays, and 3 pm-4 pm on weekends: The goal is to get likes from other users who see your post during these hours.

    What Type of Content Performs Best:
    Instagram is a social media app that can be used to post photos, short videos, and even live videos. It’s owned by Facebook and is one of the most popular platforms with over 1 billion active users. Even though it’s primarily used as a photo-sharing app, videos are becoming increasingly popular because they are more engaging and easier to watch on small screens. Videos also allow you to give your followers more information about what you’re doing without having to write a long caption or go into detail.
    Web development agencies should post content that is

    Creating a Visual Strategy?
    A good visual strategy should answer these questions:
    -What are your objectives?
    -Who are you targeting? -What is their life like?
    -What do they want to see on social media?
    -What will your content mix look like?

    Posting Consistently:
    Our web development agency in Chicago can help you make the most out of Instagram for your business. We focus on visual content planning and design, and we’ve developed a process that helps companies use this app to their full advantage. That includes:
    -Creative strategies that work across multiple social media channels
    -Researching your target audience
    -Creating a branding campaign
    -Creating an editorial calendar that aligns with your company goals

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    Analyzing Your Insights:

    Web development agency Chicago has an innate understanding of how to make the most out of Instagram. As we’re based in a market that is home to many major brands and businesses, we have access to world-class resources, such as designers with extensive experience in what makes good visuals.
    There are also plenty of marketing experts here who know how to package up your stories so they’re easy to digest.
    What we do best is integrate these two things—design and marketing expertise—to create compelling visuals for your business.

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