What Are The Problem-Solving Benefits Provided By A Toll-Free Number Service Provider?

    The toll-free service is a boon for businesses as it helps to solve many problems and provides easy and cost-efficient solutions. The service has several features and offers various advantages that enable companies to thwart several challenges. Let’s discuss the top problem-solving benefits provided by the toll-free number.

    Brand Value: Businesses often struggle to establish a strong brand identity. The toll-free number service in India helps to build strong brand recall value as the number is available in easy to recall format such as 1800-ABC-DEFG. 

    24×7 Availability: Customers are often disappointed when they have limited access to a business. Sometimes, customers have an emergency -they might need to report loss or theft of their ATM cards or misuse of their credit cards. In such a situation, quick and 24×7 accessibility is necessary. A business can establish 24×7 availability by forwarding the calls to the agents’ mobile numbers. In this way, they offer round-the-clock availability to the users. So it’s not necessary to be on-site and respond to the customers’ queries. The software provides the flexibility of place and enables businesses to establish omnipresence, so more companies buy the software from trustworthy toll-free service providers. 

    Better CX: Companies aim to provide better CX, which is challenging to achieve. Several elements in the toll-free service help to provide high customer satisfaction. When customers buy any good or service, they expect the best quality. If there’s a deviation from the same and the product/ service fails to meet their expectations, they will call the business to get instant query resolution. The IVR technology greets the customers with their names and also offers custom messages in the local languages. It provides an enhanced CX, and further, the software will present a series of menus and sub-menus that will address the caller’s queries. The customers can effortlessly choose the menu that will direct them to the correct option and allow them to get quick answers to their queries. They can also choose to speak with the agent and resolve their issues. Such an organised communication system offers high CX, so it’s best to get the software from a leading toll-free service provider. 

    Quick Connectivity: Customers are often disgruntled when they have to wait for a long duration on the call. It is quite frustrating for the customers to wait even a few minutes before they can connect with the agents. The call-routing feature in the toll-free number service solves this problem of late connectivity. The software automatically routes the calls to the available agents and connects them with the customers waiting to speak to them. Long call wait times have always been a massive problem for customers, and companies can solve this issue by optimising the call route. 

    Measure Agent Productivity: Agents must perform to the best of their capabilities to yield the best results- higher customer acquisition and better customer retention. Call recording provides clarity on the agent’s performance. With different KPIs, a business can make informed business decisions and ensure that they upgrade the agents’ skills and knowledge to deliver better CX. 

    Understand Customers: Companies have always faced issues while understanding their target audience and what exactly are their existing customer’s pain points. They can address this issue by recording the conversations between the agents and the customers and getting an in-depth understanding of their customers’ issues. They can know their customers well by analysing the call logs and how they can improve their business operations and deliver better customer support. The toll-free number service call recordings help businesses meet customer expectations by using strategies that efficiently address customer issues and ensure that they remain loyal to them. 


    Knowlarity is a leading toll-free service provider that provides the software at the best prices. The toll-free service is a game-changer for businesses, so they should invest in the technology. It helps to solve significant problems cost-efficiently. You can get toll-free numbers in India with all the advanced features such as the IVR, call recording, and call routing feature – providing an all-in-one solution for better call management.

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