Gemstone is a very valuable investment; one should always buy it from a very trusted source. One should research properly about gemstones and collect full information about them before buying them. The bright colours of the gemstones may attract you, but you should know all the proper techniques to check and then buy them. Sometimes there are also gem scams, one should be very careful about that. People can buy gemstones online, from the gemstone website, which is very easy to buy one has not to go anywhere to buy them. When you buy any gemstone, you should take proper care of it so that it can be preserved for a long. 

    Following are the things which one should know while buying a gemstone:

    Colour: The colour of the gemstone should be perfect. One should buy a gemstone according to the complexion of the person and also their personality. The brighter gemstone will be more expensive compared to others. Stones have very less difference in their colours, but when you see them carefully there is a difference in shades of the gemstone. For powerful personality persons, strong dark colours will be perfect and for others like shy personality or other people, dark colours will not be perfect whereas light colours will be perfect. Dark colours are mostly preferred and they are also very beautiful, attractive and expensive. 

    Cut: Gemstones can be cut into different shapes to show colours, it is different from as compared to diamonds. As gemstones can be cut into any shape, you can buy the gemstone whose shape you like the most. Cut and shape both are different things. By cutting, you can know about the shape of the gemstone. By a good cut, you can differentiate between a good and a bad gemstone. A good cut reflects the maximum light, with no darkness anywhere. These are the best as they are beautiful, brilliant, and attractive. There are no rules to cutting the gemstones, they can be cut according to one’s wish, but they should be cut carefully as sometimes gemstones lose their brilliance when they are cut as their size gets small. 

    Clarity: As compared to diamonds, clarity in gemstones is different from theirs. Clarity is a very important thing when buying a gemstone. There are no fixed rules to analyze the clarity. Sometimes the stone is very clean, and pure and sometimes it’s just normally clean or may have some impurities. One should see and check it very carefully before buying because sometimes when there are impurities in it, they reflect lighter and looks more beautiful. 

    Carat: Standard weight of the gemstone is the carat. It is usually one-fifth of a gram. Carat weight can confuse some people. Each stone is made up of different materials, they have different chemical properties, so this affects their weight. Two same-size stones will have different weights, densities, etc. One should know the carat weight of a stone before buying it. 

    Cost: The cost of the gemstone is based on many factors like the material, properties, weight, etc. If the stone is very deep in the earth, then more things are needed like labour, machines, fuel, etc. so, their cost increases as value adds up with each process. 

    As mentioned above there are some tips and techniques to buy gemstones. One should keep all these things in mind while buying gemstones. 

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