Why You Should Choose Giclee Over Other Forms of Printing

    You have two choices when printing your art: lithograph prints and giclee. Although lithograph prints are more cost-effective and quicker to print than giclee, they offer superior quality. Giclee prints are a better option for photographers and artists who want to show their work.

    Giclee Prints are superior in quality.

    Prints are more durable than lithographs. Giclee prints are more precise in color matching, use archival-grade media and have a higher resolution. A lithograph is superior in appearance only if they offer a wider selection of paper options. However, even that is not necessary if you are trying to make a unique type of print.

    Prints can also be printed on any type of paper, including canvas. A giclee is the best option for most purposes. This not only represents the original art or painting being reproduced but also makes it more appealing to potential buyers.

    Giclee prints can be printed on demand.

    Prints are sent to the printer on request. This means that they can be printed quickly. Each copy will print slower due to the high quality and technology involved, but printing can be started immediately. However, this is not true for lithographic prints. Because lithographs require a lengthy and expensive setup, you will need to wait before you can begin production.

    This is partly due to the advanced technology used in giclee printing. Giclee prints can use the most up-to-date inkjet printing technology. Lithographs, however, are an old process that has been used for hundreds of years. Although it has been refined and improved over the years, it is still a simple printing process that uses four of the traditional ink colors.

    Giclee prints can be printed in any volume.

    Prints can be printed from a digital file. A digital file is sent to the printer, and a copy is made. There is no setup required. Each lithographic plate must be made individually for printing in order to use lithographs. This setup is much more complicated.

    A giclee can be printed in runs of one to one thousand. You can print one-offs, even though you’ll usually receive discounts on larger volumes. You can’t use lithographs for small volumes due to the lengthy and expensive setup process. A lithograph print will not be possible if you are printing less than 100 prints.

    Giclee is not always the best option. Sometimes lithograph prints might be better. However, lithographs can be a better option if you need to produce large quantities of low-cost prints. Giclée will give you a higher quality print and a more flexible printing setup.


    Printing can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re interested in printing your images, the best option for quality, price, and longevity is giclee. This method of printing allows you to print your images directly on canvas without damaging the quality. We hope that this blog post has helped you to understand why you should choose giclee over other forms of printing!

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